Li Keqiang hosted an executive meeting of the State Council


2023-03-31 18:22

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Premier Li Keqiang hosted a State Council executive meeting on June 9 to deploy the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to identify major projects; determine measures to deepen the reform of the public hospital pay system, better mobilize medical staff motivation, better serve the people.

  The meeting pointed out that the "Fourteenth Five-Year" plan "outline" to determine a number of strategic, fundamental, leading major engineering projects, involving scientific and technological research, infrastructure, ecological and environmental construction, people's livelihood to fill the short board, cultural heritage development and other key areas. All regions and departments in accordance with the Party Central Committee, the State Council deployment, orderly preparation for the implementation of the project, refinement and implementation of support policies, the vast majority of projects have been launched. The current domestic and international environment is more uncertain and unstable factors, we must adhere to not to engage in "flooding", to maintain the continuity and stability of macro policy, enhance the target, to keep the economic operation in a reasonable range. The meeting requested that we should respect the laws of the economy, follow the market-oriented principles, coordinate the strong foundation, increase the function, long-term, people's livelihood, risk prevention, and promote the construction of major projects, while playing a good role in the foundation of consumption, better play a key role in effective investment. First, strengthen the preliminary work. The "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" to implement major projects to specific projects, priority into the planning of various areas, scientific development of implementation plans, the orderly promotion of the year, the formation of a number of start-ups, a number of production, a number of reserves of the virtuous cycle. For a single major project to reverse the construction nodes, the point of a wide range of bundled projects to highlight the focus and seek practical results, the construction of difficult, ecological and environmental protection requirements of major projects to deepen the survey, program selection and feasibility study. The second is to coordinate the medium and long-term development and annual economic operation, to promote the construction of major projects as the focus, strengthen policy support and factors to ensure that a reasonable grasp of investment efforts next year, and according to changes in the situation at the appropriate time and reasonable adjustment. Third, deal with the relationship between the government and the market. Deepen the "management and service" reform, optimize the approval process, reduce unnecessary approvals, to ensure that the project started as soon as possible, the efficient use of funds. Fourth, play the central budget investment, local government special debt and other government investment drive, more fully mobilize market players, social forces involved in major projects. Five is to strengthen supervision and coordination, the real work, the results of the obvious places to increase the incentive support, the project does not advance to strengthen the supervision, timely resolution of construction problems. Strengthen supervision to ensure the quality of construction.

  The meeting pointed out that the majority of medical personnel guarding the lives and health of the people, and made outstanding contributions in the fight against the epidemic. To deepen the reform of the remuneration system of public hospitals, to protect the reasonable remuneration of medical personnel, to further mobilize the enthusiasm of medical personnel to serve the masses. First, improve the public hospital pay level decision mechanism. The relevant departments to ensure that the overall burden of medical care for the masses does not increase on the basis of dynamic adjustments to the level of public hospital salaries. Public hospitals with heavy public welfare tasks, such as scientific research and teaching tasks to give appropriate tilt. All places should take into account the different levels of different nature of the hospital workload, service quality and other factors, a reasonable increase in the total amount of remuneration. Second, the implementation of the internal distribution autonomy of public hospitals. Coordinated consideration of the total amount of remuneration and related factors, continue to improve the post performance pay system, but also with the actual situation, independent determination of other more effective internal distribution model, to the key and the masses in urgent need of positions, outstanding performance of medical personnel and other tilted to promote a better solution to the problem of serious illnesses and other aspects of the difficulty of access to medical care. Appropriately raise the level of remuneration of low-grade doctors, and consider the remuneration of staff inside and outside the establishment in an integrated manner.

  The meeting also studied other matters.

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