Company Profile

  Suzhou Import & Export Co., Ltd (Group) China was established with the approval of the Suzhou Municipal People’s Government and is one of the key foreign trade export enterprises in Jiangsu Province. It is mainly engaged in the import and export of textiles, clothing, knitwear, light handicrafts, hardware mining, medical chemicals, machinery equipment, grain, oil, native products and livestock products, carries out international project contracting, foreign labor service, international warehousing, freight forwarding, and simultaneously extends to the fields of production, investment, and real estate. Since 2003, it has been successively rated as a nationwide advanced foreign trade profit-oriented enterprise. It is a group enterprise that has markets in all continents, rich financial resources, outstanding talents, and is full of vigor and development potential.

  The import and export trade of Suzhou Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd. (China) has always maintained a sustained growth. Since 1998, in terms of annual values of import and export, and annual value of export, the company has been included in “China Top 500 Enterprises in Import and Export Value” and “China Top 200 Companies in Export Value”. Moreover, the company ranked the 280th among the top 500 Chinese import and export enterprises announced in 2016.

  Suzhou Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd. (China) currently has Suzhou Hengrun Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengsheng Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengrui Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Shunqi International Trade Co., Ltd., Suzhou. Hengxiang Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengfa Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hengyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd., Suzhou Import & Export Group Foreign Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd., Suzhou Textiles Silk Light Industrial Products, Arts and Crafts I/E Co., Ltd., Suzhou Silk Import & Export Co., Ltd. and Sugang Development Co., Ltd. registered in Hong Kong.

  The development goal of Suzhou Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd. (China) is to build an integrated trading company-type group enterprise with foreign trade as its leading business, and featuring market integration, brand internationalization, business diversification and management modernization. We will, as always, follow the code of conduct of “People-oriented, Integrity Management”, promote the enterprise spirit of “Self-reliance, Pioneering and Innovative”, stride proudly forward, advance with the times, and work together with old and new friends at home and abroad for further development.