Interaction between government and enterprise to promote high-quality development of foreign trade


2023-03-31 18:49

On the afternoon of March 24th, Yu Huaqiang, Deputy Director of the Economic and Technological Bureau of Gusu District, and his delegation visited Suzhou Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd. for in-depth discussions and exchanges on building a pro Qing government business relationship, and the development of foreign trade business in the post epidemic era.
At the symposium, companies such as Hengrun, Hengfeng, and Hengfa successively introduced the development of their foreign trade business and the difficulties and pain points encountered in the process of market expansion, and also proposed the urgent policy assistance needs of enterprises. Deputy Director Yu Huaqiang affirmed the efforts made by various companies to promote the development of foreign trade in Suzhou and Gusu District, and encouraged everyone to strengthen their confidence and go all out to expand the market and seize orders, making contributions to the stability of foreign trade in the city. In the next step, the Economic Development Bureau of Gusu District will continue to strengthen its services and help enterprises make full use of a series of foreign trade support policies issued by the state, provinces, and cities.
Since this year, global inflation has been at a high level, the growth momentum of the world economy and trade has weakened, and external repression has been rising. These difficulties are particularly prominent in the field of foreign trade. Import and export companies conduct in-depth visits and research on participating foreign trade companies, formulate and promulgate relevant measures to encourage companies to transform and upgrade their foreign trade, communicate and coordinate with relevant government departments, work together to address challenges such as weakening external demand in the European and American markets and intensifying international competition, and fully promote the high-quality development of the foreign trade industry.


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