Group website forwarding asset rental information (import and export to Taikoo City, Hong Kong)


2023-03-31 18:47

Release of public rental information on the assets of Suzhou Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd., Block E, 8th Floor, Donghai Pavilion, Taikoo City, Hong Kong (No. 8 Taikoo City Road, Hong Kong)

1、 Announcement
1. Asset lessor
Suzhou Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd
2. Start and end dates of platform release of rental information
March 29 to April 11, 2023
3. Contact person and contact information for rental matters
Qi Jiayu 0512-68269758
4. Fangtianxia Platform Information Release Website Link
2、 Assets
1. Description of the address, type, area, lease term, current usage status, and priority right of the original tenant of the leased asset
Block E, 8th Floor, Donghaige, Taikoo City, Hong Kong, with a floor area of 825 square feet (76.65 square meters) and a lease term of 3 years, is currently vacant. The original tenant has waived the priority of use.
2. Decoration and supporting facilities
The house is simply decorated. The lessee needs to configure furniture, household appliances, and other equipment on its own.
3. Other matters to be disclosed
During the lease term, the lessee shall bear the daily maintenance or decoration costs of the house. Before registering, prospective tenants should fully understand the relevant conditions of the property itself and its surroundings (including but not limited to the quality and ownership of the property), and carefully study the entire content of the rental information and the local policies of the rental property. If prospective tenants voluntarily register to participate in the rental of the property, they are deemed to have inspected, known, and understood the defects of the rental property, and agree to bear all risks arising from the defects. During the lease period, if the lessee needs to decorate and renovate the leased house and site, it must obtain the written consent of the lessor before proceeding: all decoration cannot change its main structure; After the expiration of the contract, the lessee shall dispose of the movable decoration facilities and additions on its own, and the fixed decoration facilities and additions shall not be damaged, and shall unconditionally belong to the lessee; The investment in the property during the lease term shall be borne by the lessee, and the property shall be returned unconditionally upon expiration of the contract. The lessee must comply with laws and regulations, contractual agreements, and the lessor's management system, operate safely and in compliance with the law, and pay all fees in full and on time. The lessee must comply with relevant national laws and regulations, and consciously accept the supervision and management of the lessor and other management departments. During the term of the lease contract, the lessee shall not arbitrarily change the previously submitted use plan for the leased property, and shall not sublease, transfer, or lease it in any form. If any of the above behaviors are found, the lessor has the right to terminate the lease contract.
3、 Rental conditions
1. Rental format
2. Leasing base price and performance bond
The base rental price is 21919.75 yuan/month (HK $25000, calculated at the exchange rate of 1:1.1405 between RMB and HK $on March 27, 2023. Property fees are not included).
3. Rent Payment Method and Term
Within one month after the signing of the contract, the rent for one year shall be paid in full in one lump sum.
4. Other matters to be explained
The lessee is a natural person or an entity with independent legal personality, and has the ability to independently bear civil liability. There are no stains on the credit of enterprises or individuals, and there are no records in the list of serious dishonest subjects, business abnormalities, and judicial judgments in the credit report queried on the Credit China website. They cannot be included in the list of dishonest persons to be executed. If the lessee is a legal entity, it must have a good commercial reputation and a sound financial system.
March 29, 2023
Suzhou Import and Export (Group) Co., Ltd

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