AIA Jiangsu Center held the mobilization and deployment of special treatment of outstanding issues in violation of the spirit of the eight central provisions and warning education conference


2023-03-31 18:24

     Recently, the Association of Audit and Jiangsu Center held a special treatment of violations of the spirit of the eight central provisions of the mobilization and deployment of special issues and warning education conference. Han Aipeng, the main person in charge of the Center's Party Committee, mobilization and deployment of special governance work, the Center's Discipline Inspection Committee Secretary Yan Na to learn the spirit of the eight central provisions of the relevant content, and informed the typical cases

      The meeting pointed out that the warning education is a mirror, all cadres and workers are to put themselves in, to learn from the warning, from the depths of thought to raise awareness, and constantly enhance the maintenance of the central eight provisions of the spirit of political consciousness, ideological consciousness and consciousness of action. The meeting requested that the special governance work to focus on the focus, adhere to the problem-oriented, in-depth search for ideological awareness, system construction problems. The center party committee to strengthen organizational leadership, improve the working mechanism, the center discipline inspection committee to strengthen political supervision, strengthen the daily supervision, discipline inspection members to enhance identity awareness, top-down to form a synergy to ensure that special governance to achieve effective results

      Members of the two committees of the center, the secretary of the grass-roots party organizations and discipline inspection members, managers above the room level and supervisors of the party style and integrity to participate in the meeting!

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