Suzhou Culture and Tourism Group Held the First Safety and Fun Games


2023-03-31 17:56

In order to enhance the cultural construction of the group's employees, improve the safety awareness of cadres and employees, display the good spiritual outlook of the employees, and continuously enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the group, with the full support of the Suzhou Federation of Trade Unions and the Suzhou Sports Bureau, and with the care and assistance of the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, on the afternoon of May 22, sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Group The "First Safety and Fun Sports Meeting" organized by the Safety Committee of the Group was officially held at the Suzhou Citizen Fitness Center.
A total of 10 teams from 12 units, including the Municipal SASAC, the headquarters of the Culture and Tourism Group, Material Holdings, Import and Export Group, Oriental Water City, and Gucheng Investment, participated in the competition. This competition has a total of 2 safety projects, 4 team projects, and 4 individual projects. At the same time, there are also cheerleading dance hot spots, all staff warm-up exercises, and safety knowledge explanations. The setting of this competition project not only reflects unity and cooperation, but also focuses on the learning and education of safety knowledge "combining competition with pleasure, learning with pleasure".
After inspiring competition, Dongfang Shuicheng won the team competition championship, the Culture and Tourism Group headquarters won the second place in the team competition, and Taoyuan Hotel won the third place in the team competition. Everyone expressed that the launch of this activity has made everyone feel the strength of the team, deepened their friendship, and better demonstrated the spirit of unity and hard work of Wenlv people!

group's employees

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