Suzhou Culture and Tourism Group Held the Second Safety and Fun Games


2023-03-31 17:55

On the afternoon of May 31, the second safety and fun sports meeting hosted by Suzhou Culture and Tourism Group officially opened at the Suzhou Citizen Fitness Activity Center. Gao Huiqin, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Hu Zhonghua, Deputy Researcher of the Municipal SASAC, Yu Xueyou, Deputy Researcher of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau, Huang Ping, Deputy Director of the Gusu District Emergency Management Bureau, and leaders of the culture and tourism group attended the event. This sports meeting is the second consecutive year for the Culture and Tourism Group to hold a fun sports meeting with the theme of safety. The event was organized by the Group's Federation of Industry and the Safety Committee, and the competition was attended by a total of 150 people from 10 teams composed of the Municipal SASAC, the headquarters of the Culture and Tourism Group, and its wholly-owned holding companies.
The competition is divided into two categories: individual and collective events. The individual events mainly include fun archery, shooting competitions, and slow cycling. The collective events mainly include tug of war, inspiring people, and defending the battle team. The safety theme is highlighted, and competitions such as emergency rescue and fire escape relay are carried out
In order to further improve the construction of the Group's emergency rescue capability, the Culture and Tourism Group actively publicized and launched among cadres and employees, established the Culture and Tourism Group's emergency rescue team, and held a flag awarding ceremony before the opening of this event. At the same time, the Suzhou Youth Emergency Rescue Volunteer Service Team was also invited to explain safety knowledge at this sports meeting.
After an inspiring competition, water tourism won the first place in the competition, while Wanhe Business Travel and Cultural Tourism Group won the second and third place in the competition.
In recent years, Culture and Tourism Group has actively promoted the construction of corporate culture, successfully established a "scholarly enterprise", established employee reading stations, opened employee sports venues, established various employee interest groups, held various special lectures, and carried out various activities that are popular with employees. At the same time, it has continuously strengthened the construction of labor union organizations, actively strived for excellence, worked hard to safeguard the rights and interests of employees, cared about employees in difficulties, and regularly conducted visits, condolences, and assistance work, The cohesion and centripetal force of the group's cadres and employees have been further enhanced, effectively creating a harmonious and good corporate culture atmosphere.

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