With the spirit of "four dare" to inspire responsibility--the party branch of the import and export company carried out the theme party day activities


2023-03-31 17:38

In order to further implement the spirit of the 2023 Work Conference and Key Project Promotion Conference of Mingcheng Group and the spirit of the Work Conference on the Construction of Party Style and Clean Government, on the afternoon of February 24, the Party Branch of Import and Export Company launched a themed party day activity.

Comrade Zhang Qian, deputy secretary of the party branch of the import and export company, led all party members of the company to carefully study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Central Economic Work Conference, focused on watching the warning educational film "Always Blowing the Storming Bugle", deeply studied and interpreted the "2023 Party Style and Clean Government Construction Responsibility Letter" signed by the company and Mingcheng Group, and conducted a collective clean government talk, putting forward specific requirements for all party members to work honestly.

At the meeting, all the party members of the company focused on learning the opinions of the Suzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on promoting "daring, daring, doing, and pioneering" to make a leading demonstration in the Chinese-style modernization construction and the spirit of the relevant meetings of Mingcheng Group. Everyone said that they would inspire responsibility with the spirit of "four dares", and strive for development and strive for the lead with the tenacity of "doing"; With the wisdom of "creating", strong main business and excellent service; With a "real" style, we will stick to our original intention. It is necessary to firmly establish the awareness of the overall situation of "adding glory to the industry and adding color to the group", conscientiously implement the spirit of "four dare", always grasp the work in hand, carry the responsibility on the shoulders, engrave the goal in the heart, dare to do things, be able to do things, not be afraid of things, take the lead in rushing, busy, and running, so as to start early and make early efforts, and strive to make due contributions to the high-quality development of the group.


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