Party building leads new livelihood, new fashion of garbage classification


2023-03-31 18:27

The Suzhou Municipal Regulations on the Management of Household Waste Classification will come into force on June 1, 2020. Household waste classification is a major livelihood project and practical matter aimed at improving the living environment and realizing the reduction, resourcefulness and harmless disposal of household waste, providing a strong guarantee for building a beautiful Suzhou. In accordance with the municipal party committee, the municipal government deployment and the specific task requirements of the Action Plan for the Sorting and Disposal of Domestic Waste in Suzhou in 2020, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce plays a leading role in party building and takes party members and cadres as the cornerstone to drive the general public to participate in the work of sorting domestic waste and practice the new fashion.

First, the party group attaches great importance to build a solid fighting fortress

Research and formulate the "2020 Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce domestic waste classification and disposal work action plan", the establishment of the Bureau of Party Secretary, the Secretary as the head, party members, deputy director as deputy head, other bureau leaders and heads of departments as members of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce waste classification work leadership group, to the job to carry out the work of domestic waste classification. Give full play to the core leadership role of the party group, the establishment of the party group personally grasp a hand, layers of grasping, repeated grasping, long-term grasping work mechanism, improve the construction of systems and regulations and style of performance supervision, strengthen horizontal contact and coordination and vertical work supervision and guidance, play a "top student" benchmark effect and industry guidance role. Make it clear that party organizations at all levels should effectively improve ideological awareness, strengthen political responsibility, play a good role as a fighting base, do a good job of publicity and guidance and behavior awareness, advocate the concept of green development, party building to lead the work of waste separation.

Second, the branch carefully organized, do a good job of publicity and guidance

Under the coordination of the Party Committee of the Bureau, the Party members of the Bureau of Commerce, as a branch, together with the Lighting Department of the City Administration, formed a "new fashion of garbage classification" party volunteer publicity team. The team will provide the public with accurate garbage sorting instructions. The volunteer team will actively publicize the experience and practice of advanced areas in garbage sorting, and promote the work of garbage sorting and management to a deeper extent, and take practical action to set off a new fashion of garbage sorting in the city.

Third, the party members take the lead, as a good pioneer

All party members set an example, be an example, be a pioneer, take the lead, be a good garbage sorting propagandist, persuader, volunteer, do accurate sorting, to take practical action to influence the surrounding people to develop civilized habits, actively participate in garbage sorting to ensure that everyone knows how to sort, everyone will sort, improve the accuracy of garbage sorting, to ensure that the accuracy of garbage sorting within the institutions this year to reach 95% or more. Take the lead to become the "best student" in garbage classification.

Garbage classification is about ecology, about people's livelihood, about development, is a new fashion, but also a habit, a literacy, a culture, we must rely on the party organization as a fighting base, relying on the party members of this large team to take practical action to practice the original intention and mission of the Communist Party in the new era, concentrated efforts, a grasp of the end, to fight the battle, the reform war, and promote the construction of ecological civilization to a new level.


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