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Suzhou's total import and export volume exceeds 2.13 trillion yuan, a record high

  Famous city of Suzhou (Xinhua Li Peguo) today (February 9th), the reporter learned from the press conference held by Suzhou Customs that Suzhou’s foreign trade volume reached a record high in 2017, reaching a record high of RMB 213.49 billion, accounting for the proportion of the province. 53.5%.
  In 2017, Suzhou's foreign trade stabilized and rose steadily, breaking through historical highs, setting a record high of 213.49 billion yuan in imports and exports for the year, an increase of 18.5% over the previous year. The city's foreign trade growth rate was higher than the national average by 4.3 percentage points and below. The average level of the province was 0.6%.accounting for 7.7% and 53.5% of the country's and the province's total during the same period, The total value of foreign trade ranks fourth in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing among large and medium-sized cities nationwide.
  Among them, exports were 1,267.05 billion yuan, an increase of 17.2%, and imports were 872.44 billion yuan. an increase of 20.3%, From the perspective of the foreign trade trend of the city in the past year.  each month is in a high state of operation, and the single-month growth rate is double-digit, and the increase rate is more than 20% in 4 months, the import and export value shows the trend of low, high and high. In August, September and November, the city’s import and export value hit record highs. In November, it exceeded the single-month 200 billion yuan mark.
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  Source: Famous City Suzhou Network