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Group Employees Actively Participate in Blood Donation

Since New Year’s Day, due to the large amount of blood needed during the holidays and the shortage of blood donors, all blood stations of Suzhou City have almost run out of all types of blood sources. To this end, the Group has responded to the call of the City Blood Donation Leading Group and mobilized the employees of its various companies to donate blood. This year, the blood donation task issued by the City Blood Donation Leading Group issued to our Group is 70 people donating blood for a total of 14,000cc. After receiving the task, the Group carefully organized, and each company responded positively. Seventy-eight people went to donate blood in a matter of half a month, and many of them donated more than 200cc of blood. From no matter the number of people or the amount of blood donated, we all over-fulfilled our tasks, reflecting our employees’ love and spirit of utter dedication.


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