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In November, the import volume of iron ore in Jiangsu Port hit a record high

  According to statistics from Nanjing Customs, from January to November this year, Jiangsu Port imported 130 million tons of iron ore and its concentrates (hereinafter referred to as “iron ore”), an increase of 12.6% over the same period of last year; the value was 630.2 billion yuan. Renminbi, an increase of 53.1%; import average price of 497.8 yuan per ton, up 36.0%. Among them, in November iron ore imports were 14.3544 million tons, an increase of 39.1%; the value was 6.58 billion yuan, an increase of 54.9%; the average import price was 458.7 yuan per ton, up 11.3%.
  The monthly import volume hit a record high, and the average import price continued to decline. Since the beginning of this year, the iron ore import volume of the Jiangsu Port has been oscillating at a high level of over 10 million tons. In November, the import volume hit a record high. The import amounted to 14.3544 million tons in that month, an increase of 52.7% from the previous month; meanwhile, the average price of imported iron ore was also increased. For the second consecutive month, the chain's monthly price fell. In November, the average import price was 458.7 yuan per ton, down by 5.5% from the previous month.